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It’s been long time I posted my QUOTES. 25 is my lucky number since childhood. As I’m celebrating my Silver Jublie I’m posting 25 saying’s I have written recently.

Some of these quotes are taken from PAGES OF MY LIFE.

Suggestions are welcome  :)

God has given one brain to think and act, one mouth to speak, one heart to love and one hand to write. These four can change anything in this world.

Life is like a lollipop inside the mouth of a small kid. The more the kid puts inside the more it evaporates. As the time goes on the kid learns to take it outside the world and it lasts for long time.

Goals, time, memories, belief, patience, relations, service and money are the most expensive, valuable and accountable things in this world. They doesn’t come cheap.

The times you peep into the lives of your best pies and your memories are the finest moments you live in this world.

It’s hard to love and even harder to leave.

The real McCoy of a relation stands high only when you think about each other and face everything that come on your way together.

The moment when I lose my SELF-RESPECT because of you, you will loose my RESPECT towards you.

A good writer is one who balances reading and writing.

Show your arrogance when you see arrogance, Show your love when you see love.

Never let other’s design your path. You have to design your own path with hair pin bend curves.

Life gives you plenty of opportunities. You just need to choose the one you love.

If you want happiness for a lifetime then light up other lives.

If you open up your idea’s and thoughts to outside world. You are either criticized or applauded. Either way it is an experience.

Never consider a ‘NO’ some sort of massive insult or setback. Almost no-one gets a ‘YES’ the very first time they ask.



Live your life like the way you love.

A beautiful smile of a woman can turn a man upside down.

Sometimes you need to step down your position to climb steep up.

Challenges, risks and adventures in life can transform you with a change.

Jack of all trades and be the king of one you love.

Being socially connected shows positive effect on well-being of humans than being in the state of boredom, continuous work and problems.

Natural wealth and health of a human is inversely proportional to growing Science and Technology.

Add life to year’s not year’s to your life.

Perfection doesn’t come in a blink.

It is not how innovative is your idea. Execution matter’s.

Our human body is designed like html, javascript and css, whatever input given to <head> will be reflected in our <body>.

Disclaimer:Copyrights belong to Anand  :)



It requires a lot of courage to write something to the newspaper at an age of 11. A young girl from Visakhapatnam wrote “STORY OF A BOOK” to The Hindu in  2007. Liked the article and the girl very much. Such a cute little story written I made a small effort to transform it related to life.  This is “STORY OF A BOOK RELATED TO LIFE”. Guess this is my second writeup 🙂


  • I am a book.
  • Everybody knows me.
  • But very few know my story.
  • I am made of paper.
  • There are a number of pages in me.
  • There are also nice pictures.
  • Some of them are colored.
  • I was printed in a press.
  • Then I was packed with other books and sent to a market.
  • For sometime, I lived with bookseller for many days.
  • Then a student bought me.
  • She loved me
  • She cared for me.
  • She hugged me in her hand.
  • She covered me with brown paper.
  • She read me now and then.
  • I felt happy with her.
  • But then she sold me in a second hand book market.
  • Now I am with a second hand book seller.
  • I am waiting for a good buyer.
  • My present owner is very careless.
  • He doesn’t care much about me.
  • He cares good looking books(new).
  • There are many other books in this condition.
  • I hope that soon I may see happy days again.


  • Its my name.
  • Everybody knows me by name.
  • But very few know my life.
  • I am made of spirituality.
  • There are number of  joy’s and sorrow’s in me.
  • There are also nice thoughts .
  • Some of them are extraordinary.
  • I was born in a place.
  • Then I was packed with other students and sent to the school.
  • For sometime, I lived with a teacher for many days.
  • Then a friend met me.
  • She loved me.
  • She cared for me.
  • She hugged me in her hand.
  • She covered my life with full of happiness.
  • She read my life now and then.
  • I felt happy with her.
  • But then she left me and that kept me away to new school 😦
  • Now I am with a new teacher.
  • I am waiting for a new friend.
  • Now my joys are gone.
  • My present teacher is very careless.
  • He cares good looking students(brilliant).
  • There are many other students in this condition.
  • I hope that soon I may see happy days again.


Note: Some lines from the article were edited.


“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” — Maya Angelou


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