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It’s been long time I posted my QUOTES. 25 is my lucky number since childhood. As I’m celebrating my Silver Jublie I’m posting 25 saying’s I have written recently.

Some of these quotes are taken from PAGES OF MY LIFE.

Suggestions are welcome  :)

God has given one brain to think and act, one mouth to speak, one heart to love and one hand to write. These four can change anything in this world.

Life is like a lollipop inside the mouth of a small kid. The more the kid puts inside the more it evaporates. As the time goes on the kid learns to take it outside the world and it lasts for long time.

Goals, time, memories, belief, patience, relations, service and money are the most expensive, valuable and accountable things in this world. They doesn’t come cheap.

The times you peep into the lives of your best pies and your memories are the finest moments you live in this world.

It’s hard to love and even harder to leave.

The real McCoy of a relation stands high only when you think about each other and face everything that come on your way together.

The moment when I lose my SELF-RESPECT because of you, you will loose my RESPECT towards you.

A good writer is one who balances reading and writing.

Show your arrogance when you see arrogance, Show your love when you see love.

Never let other’s design your path. You have to design your own path with hair pin bend curves.

Life gives you plenty of opportunities. You just need to choose the one you love.

If you want happiness for a lifetime then light up other lives.

If you open up your idea’s and thoughts to outside world. You are either criticized or applauded. Either way it is an experience.

Never consider a ‘NO’ some sort of massive insult or setback. Almost no-one gets a ‘YES’ the very first time they ask.



Live your life like the way you love.

A beautiful smile of a woman can turn a man upside down.

Sometimes you need to step down your position to climb steep up.

Challenges, risks and adventures in life can transform you with a change.

Jack of all trades and be the king of one you love.

Being socially connected shows positive effect on well-being of humans than being in the state of boredom, continuous work and problems.

Natural wealth and health of a human is inversely proportional to growing Science and Technology.

Add life to year’s not year’s to your life.

Perfection doesn’t come in a blink.

It is not how innovative is your idea. Execution matter’s.

Our human body is designed like html, javascript and css, whatever input given to <head> will be reflected in our <body>.

Disclaimer:Copyrights belong to Anand  :)



Holla Senors..!!!

This week I came here to share one of my memories that I have written in the year 2008. This was the year in my life I met a broken heart in the bushes of her little world. I truly adored her right from the first day I spoke to her.

Ever since I liked her very much and slowly I came to know that I have got some feelings for her. With those feelings written, there comes this letter which came out from my heart. Yes it’s a love letter I was thinking to share since a couple of days.I searched every inch of my home during my last vacation and finally I got some of my write ups(hard copies) that I have written in my Engineering after I lost my hard disk. I found this too 🙂

Well although I’m not good at love or being loved I have this eternal feeling which I like very much when I dream about her.

It was such feelings I jot down for her on the eve of Valentines Day when everyone is talking about love. It came out nice and with a lovely letter I added a nice greeting to make it more expressive. I still laugh myself every time looking at the letter and say how crazy I look those days..!!!


My Sweetest

Hi, how are you? I could read your face when we met here. Perhaps, you have something on your mind but were reluctant to express it.

I also remained disturbed during these 5 months gone by and my inner heart prompted me to write to you and say something to you.

I hope you would not be offended by my letter and my inner feelings would certainly soothe your soul.

My dear sweetheart I sincerely feel that I have fallen in love with you..! Yes..! That is True..!

I am convinced that a complete person like you never entered my life before. I am feeling sad and waiting for your company. I could not eat, sleep or do my work. I’m not able to concentrate on my classes. I kept on thinking about you.

Ultimately God made me realize that these feelings are the sweet agony of love and at least I made a New Year resolution to love you.

“I have pierced my soul with the chisel of your love and it bleeds profusely now. Only you could save me..! Only YOU…………”

I am a simple straightforward person and thinks nothing to be left behind my secrets on you.

“I assure that I would give you more love and affection to you. I admire your beauty, gait and the manner in which, you express yourself.”


Whenever I heard your name my heart beats faster. Whenever I see you smiling my inner soul immediately fills with exstacy.

“The magic of your persona has arrived in my life as a cloud over the desert.”

May I hope that you would not make me a lovelorn and reciprocate my love.My humble request to you is to be self-reliant and not to show this to anyone.

My New Year and life is going to begin the day you smile at me when I see you after you received this letter.

Your’s Lovingly


Love Letter 1

Love Letter

Love Letter

Love Letter



Greeting Message

Greeting Message

Greeting Message

Greeting Message

Life is just like a 2 side coin. I was not able to put forward this letter with a weak heart and tension prevailed all the time asking how she would reciprocate?. I felt she knew the same about me the following year. Four years went by and there were lots of changes in our lives. Our paths were never crossed. Those feelings were gone and I’m no more a slave of love. With some regrets I was able to recover and life became much happier from then.

Sometimes when I ask my heart why do you do that to  you? It replied life has given you everything and it was written for you. Let it pass on and not to waste your time. After all at some point you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart leaving their footprints, but not in life. 🙂




“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” — Maya Angelou


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