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It is since my graduation I became so enthusiastic and nostalgic. Full of ideas running around and i was able to put forward one to our yahoo group-mail. This email sent to our yahoo group dated on Thursday, 13 December 2007 6:33 PM.

Dear friends

First of all I am thankful to all our group members for kind and active participation and successful running of this group. Being a group moderator I took pleasure for organizing it in a right way. So I will take every norm in continuing the same.

WELL friends as being one of your friends I got an idea of having our GMR MEMORIES with us forever…………….

We are doing our engineering graduation for a period of 4 years and during these 4 years we will come across many events like techfest, annual day, New Years Eve, formation day, freshers day, friendship day, industrial tours, camps, outings with friends and many more……On these occasions we will be active in various activities in some form or other. As we would enjoy all these in our own ways, so why not share our happiness with all among ourselves? After all we are all part of a single batch.

So the idea to put up a Collection Box of all our memories in various events and places has come into being. Any photos, videos, write-ups, memoirs, worthful incidents, any anything else (good or bad) which you would like to share with your friends can be sent to this Collection Box. This would be store house of our times in and outside of the college. We would be able to know about things from others and others too would know about our enjoyment. By this we would be able to know more about each others and keep a healthy relationship.

The ultimate plan of this would be that after collecting sufficient data from all of you, there would be a DVD made in the final year, which will show all our reminiscences of our college life, right from the skeptic first year to the vivacious final year.
The DVD will be made available to all of us. It will remind us of our happy days in engineering and will leave an imprint of ourselves in the college.

Our Collection Box

So friends, please all of you cooperate to make this idea a reality by posting all your liking college related stuff in the form of attachments to our Collection Box.
The address of the collection box is

Eagerly waiting for your inputs
From: Collection Box


Although i didn’t get any support on this idea, I received lot of appreciation from my friends which made me bit happy :).
Surprised to see only few inputs after a month where most of them are mine. 😦

Sharing it to you.


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