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Most of us are aware of this message that is being propagated through many Communication Channels.

A guy asked a girl in a library,

“Do you mind if I sit beside you?”

The girl answered with a loud voice,


WITH YOU!!!!!”

All of the students in the library

started staring at the guy. He was

very embarrassed.

After a couple of minutes, the girl

walked quietly to the guy’s table and told him,

“I study psychology and I know what a man is thinking”.

Let me guess, you were embarrassed, huh?”

The guy responded with a loud voice,



…and all the people in the library

looked at the girl in shock. The guy

leaned over and whispered, “I study

Law, and I know how to make people

look guilty.”

                   Yes, women are competing in every sphere with men and the crime rate against women is high in India. Recent happenings which triggered agitations across the country and consequently the government strengthened the law against women crime.The legislative changes which began in India made it impossible for a guy to harbor the thought of slapping a girl in the public for her indecent behavior unlike the other way round where it is now a free for all. Some women are even misusing it. When a man rapes a woman, it is called crime and when a woman rapes a man it is called love as per law, media and society today. This shows that even the rape law is not gender neutral.

                 There is something which I recently experienced in the streets of Kolkata when I was roaming around and visiting the Dussera pandals at night.

                 I am sharing it with a HEAVY HEART because i never experienced such an embarrassing situation from a TYPICAL BENGALI WOMAN while travelling in a bus with my friends from DUM DUM PARK to LAKE TOWN in KOLKATA at around 2 A.M

                The incident started with a conversation about Bengali women, in a crowdy DUM DUM park at around 2 AM.

Me: Your Bengali is awesome. Its refined and fast just as how a Bengali would speak. How did you learn?

Friend: Thanks(Smiling). I’m living here for the past 3 years and I’m acquainted to people here.

Me: Dude, I have observed that a married woman here looks more decent and natural than an unmarried Bengali girl. what’s it that happens after marriage that they change this way?

Friend: Don’t you know what happens after marriage (pun intending)? In Bengal initially the girl turns decent irrespective of her past Attires and experiences and as they grow they all will be the same and now with costly makeups. LOL we can build a mini TAJ with the money doing the rounds in the cosmetics market of Bengal.

Me: Really? wow..!!! looks like there is uniformity right from a small 5 year old angel to a 70 year old woman. I Just Couldn’t predict her age..!!!

Friend : Shall we take a bus/metro/local to Lake Town?

Me: We better travel in bus as metro seems to be overcrowded 🙂

Got into the bus..!!!..A Lady was standing in the middle of the bus. We parked ourselves facing her holding the support rod as it was a little bit crowdy. And mind you, we were having no ulterior motives whatsoever.

Me(in Telugu, obviously): What a beauty dude…!!! Look at her long beautiful green designer saree, silky hair, designer bindi, thick eyeliner, perlee hoop earrings, shining gloss, traditional necklace, twinkling diamond rings, designer bangles(design on top of black color looked awesome). The costly attire is simply sexy.

Friend : Yes, it is. She is beautiful and married too. Look at her cute kid who is sitting down close to her.

Me(surprised at the revelation): Oh my!!!

After a while,
Lady(staring at me for a while like a jinx and shouting): What’s your problem? Who the  heck are you?

And then started shouting in Bengali which I fortunately couldn’t understand. I thought it was because she could understand Telugu. Not knowing how to react, I was patiently smiling back at her.

Lady(In the middle): Turn that side. Turn that side…!!! Waving her hands

I understood that there is something wrong with her.

Someone from back shouts out loud, “Did he do anything to you? Did he did anything to you?(Bengali).”

Lady(shouting now, eyes becoming bigger): I say you TURN THAT WAY.

The anger simmering inside me now erupted and reached my brain, eyes and then took over my part of my body. My hands were shivering and finally I was about to open my mouth with finger pointed going towards her with much anger.

Friend(observing me) : STOP .

Pushing me back he said,  “Shhh…Turn that side”.

Me: WTF happened to her!!.

The woman was still shouting continuously in Bengali.!!!

Friend: Madam, he doesn’t know Bengali.

Friend(louder voice): Turn that side otherwise they will STAMPEDE BOTH OF US TO DEATH..!!!

Eyes rolled and a sense of silence passed between me and my friend and disgruntled voices reached my ears.

I slowly turned back ashamed and calmed down gradually. We got seats and numerous thoughts crossed my mind like past events, agitations, reason for shouts, men abuses and cases i have read, videos i have seen.

Friend: What are you thinking?

Me: Dude does she look beautiful now?  we have seen some Bengali celeb at Maddox square yesterday who were so polite. Is she more than them? I got a feeling that she is thinking that she is the queen of Bengal.

Friend: Leave it all. As you kept your hand on the support rod near to her hand may be you unintentionally touched her and while shouting she is telling you were rubbing against her(might be wrong) and want to steal her rings.

Me: SHOCKED..!!!

Friend: Nothing surprising friend this is a way WOMEN in INDIA misuse their RESPECT and SECURITY. This is not new in BENGAL.

Me: Had I slapped her I would be dead in public :o. THANK GOD you saved me.



WOMEN in INDIA have some RESPECT and SECURITY in today’s society and it is taking an exponential curve. They should not MISUSE BOTH. PLEASE STOP MEN ABUSE IN INDIA.



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It requires a lot of courage to write something to the newspaper at an age of 11. A young girl from Visakhapatnam wrote “STORY OF A BOOK” to The Hindu in  2007. Liked the article and the girl very much. Such a cute little story written I made a small effort to transform it related to life.  This is “STORY OF A BOOK RELATED TO LIFE”. Guess this is my second writeup 🙂


  • I am a book.
  • Everybody knows me.
  • But very few know my story.
  • I am made of paper.
  • There are a number of pages in me.
  • There are also nice pictures.
  • Some of them are colored.
  • I was printed in a press.
  • Then I was packed with other books and sent to a market.
  • For sometime, I lived with bookseller for many days.
  • Then a student bought me.
  • She loved me
  • She cared for me.
  • She hugged me in her hand.
  • She covered me with brown paper.
  • She read me now and then.
  • I felt happy with her.
  • But then she sold me in a second hand book market.
  • Now I am with a second hand book seller.
  • I am waiting for a good buyer.
  • My present owner is very careless.
  • He doesn’t care much about me.
  • He cares good looking books(new).
  • There are many other books in this condition.
  • I hope that soon I may see happy days again.


  • Its my name.
  • Everybody knows me by name.
  • But very few know my life.
  • I am made of spirituality.
  • There are number of  joy’s and sorrow’s in me.
  • There are also nice thoughts .
  • Some of them are extraordinary.
  • I was born in a place.
  • Then I was packed with other students and sent to the school.
  • For sometime, I lived with a teacher for many days.
  • Then a friend met me.
  • She loved me.
  • She cared for me.
  • She hugged me in her hand.
  • She covered my life with full of happiness.
  • She read my life now and then.
  • I felt happy with her.
  • But then she left me and that kept me away to new school 😦
  • Now I am with a new teacher.
  • I am waiting for a new friend.
  • Now my joys are gone.
  • My present teacher is very careless.
  • He cares good looking students(brilliant).
  • There are many other students in this condition.
  • I hope that soon I may see happy days again.


Note: Some lines from the article were edited.


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