Spiced Maggi…Served HOT..!!!

Cooking is one of my favorites since my childhood, the reason behind why i like girls who cooks nice :)..!!!

Yesterday was a pleasant day for me, the weather was so nice and Im happy with the day that passed on. While walking on terrace of my home suddenly a thought popped up on my mind to cooking something myself in this lovely whether…. Throwing some light on this i decided to make Spiced Maggi ❤ for Dinner…!!!

Quickly i could see one Maggi pack left in my kitchen. Second thoughts on the checklist made me to call my roomie who is coming on the way to our place. Texted him to bring all the items that are required.


  • 2 Maggi Packets
  • 4 packs Masala
  • 500 ml water
  • 4 cloves of Garlic
  • 5 tblspoons of Oil
  • 2 Onions
  • 2 Tomatos
  • 2 Carrots
  • 2 Capsicum

In the while i took shower bath with some hot water. By 8:45 pm items were arrived at my kitchen, I started cooking.

Took 5 min to chop the Onions thinly followed by Carrot, Tomatos and Capsicum and mixed with garlic and little chilly powder making the vegetable paste. Also, kept the electric cooker in warm simultaneously.

Spilt the Oil on the hot cooker and switched it on to cook. Dropped the vegetables in hot oil and fried it for 5 mins.

Took the fried vegetables into a dish for some time to remove the oil. Later i mixed 2 packets Maggi with 500 ml water kept in cooker for 5 min.

Meanwhile i had a small discussion with my roommates and came to know that i forgot to add Masala into the water. By the time i add it all the water was absorbed and the outcome was the real Maggi which is solid, Masala exluded. Added some 300ml water to it to make Masala mixed with the solid thinking the outcome would be somewhat sticky.

Cooked for another 5 mins and then dropped all the veggies into the mixture kept for another 5 min with top closed.

As the time ticked 9:15pm the Maggi was ready with flavored smell around.

The Spiced Maggi is served HOT…!!!

Maggi...Served HOT..!!!

Maggi…Served HOT..!!!

The dish was served to my Roomies..!!!
Shared this message with 3 of my friends through SMS and received good compliments :).

Mistakes:  Didn’t even notice that i had a small cut on my hand and its paining today,  Didn’t add Masala at right time.


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  1. Shankar Varada

    Send it to “Maa oori Vanta”, surely you get selected for an episode as the making process is explanatory 🙂

  2. try new items dear

  3. yummy maggie 😛

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